Who We Are?

2iWay.com belong to KARLIE FAMILY WHOLESALE INC, is a e-commerce business that has been in operation since 2015. My name is JL and I am the owner & founder.

Since 2015, we have been working hard to sell cheaper and high-quality products that made in China to American and European countries. It is undeniable that China is already a very famous world factory that can produce a full range, novelty, fun, and better-quality products.

With valuable products, we hope to bring convenience to people and make their lives better.

More important than the product is that we have also been working hard to provide our customers satisfactory services. We don't want you to get disappointing and angry because our products, because if so, the products and services we provide will become worthless. After all, the joy of life is the most important thing. I am a person who pursues happiness, and our employees are even more people who pursue happiness.

So, come with us, Happy Shopping, Better Living.

3 Reasons Why 2iWay.com is Amazing:

  • Free shipping. No "surprises" when adding products to the shopping cart!
  • Wide selection. You can find many products on our platform - and we never stop working on expanding the selection!
  • We will refund your money if the goods are not delivered to you within 75 days after purchased and if the goods are damaged and do not correspond to the description. For more details, see the section "Returns Policy".


201 E 36TH ST APT 19D
NEW YORK, NY 10016

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